Velo x SIX Network Partnership Roadmap

Today, we’re excited to expand Velo’s boundaries in Decentralized Finance (DeFi) and offer some exciting staking opportunities on Definix, the digital asset platform powered by the SIX Network.

Check out what’s happening over the next few weeks…

Velo’s Stellar <> Binance Smart Chain Bridge (launch date: 15/11/2021)

Velo Labs will launch (Velo Bridge) to expand the usage of VELO tokens from Stellar Lumen (XLM) to Binance Smart Chain (BSC) by allowing the VELO holders to bridge their assets across the network mentioned above.

Velo Bridge:

How to use Velo’s Cross-Chain Bridge:

Stake FINIX earn VELO (launch date: 15/11/2021 3PM GMT+7)

VELO Single Sided Pool will be launch on Definix platform. Holders can stake FINIX to earn a maximum 300,000 of VELO tokens. The pool will last for 60 days.

Join here:

New Liquidity Pool (launch date: 15/11/2021 3PM GMT+7)

Velo Labs will provide the liquidity on Definix. VELO holders can now swap the VELO tokens on Definix exchange. The following liquidity pool will be listed:

Moreover, users are welcome to provide liquidity to Definix and receive LP as an exchange.

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New Farm List (launch date: 22/11/2021)

VELO holders can leverage new VELO farms on Definix. Users can stake their BNB-VELO LP and FINIX- VELO LP to earn more FINIX as a reward.

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